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Customer Success Stories Sky Powersports

A need for speed. And space.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Sky Powersports on an exciting project that included the installation of a Cogan mezzanine and AGF Brome workstations. 

As a successful, growing company, Sky Powersports was looking for a way to add more floor space to their existing building, and it needed to be done fast. 

We were able to deliver the project at top speed, and the results are an excellent real-world example of the positive impact that a mezzanine and effective storage solutions can have.

Read on to get a sneak peek, or dive into all the details by downloading the full Project Highlights PDF.

Taking it to the next level.

The Sky Powersports project perfectly illustrates how mezzanines (a column supported platform, typically made of steel) can turn a building’s height into a valuable asset.

By investing in a Cogan mezzanine, Sky Powersports was able to add over 1,000 sq ft. of much needed storage capacity in what was previously unusable vertical space above three different departments.

Because a mezzanine is a free-standing structure, and thus completely independent of the building in which its placed, there’s no need to modify or expand the facility’s footprint.

This makes them one of the fastest and most economical ways to increase floorspace, with none of the downsides associated with new construction or relocating to a new facility.

Workstations for the win.

In addition to adding more floorspace, the team at Sky Powersports also needed dual-function work areas that would give their mechanics a stable working surface and a secure storage solution. 

We installed custom AGF Workstations throughout the service department, dividing it into eight distinct zones that enable their mechanics to complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible.

See the full story, or start your own.

Download the Project Highlights PDF for more photos and details, or contact us today to start planning your own project.

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