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Orlando: 407-859-8750 | Tampa: 813-374-1133   


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Safety First

Protect your employees as well as your products with top of the line pallet rack safety equipment. We offer a complete suite of products to make your pallet rack safer, without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. 

The use of aisle guards, column protectors and safety netting is highly recommended by our racking experts. 

Our catalog includes:

  • Column protectors
  • Rack Safety Netting 
  • Guardrails
  • Pallet Backstops
  • Rack Safety Clips
  • Wire Mesh Enclosures
  • Steel Aisle Guards

We have years of experience with pallet rack and have seen it all. Never take safety for granted – give us a call today to see how we can make your rack full-proof.

Pallet Rack Upright Post Protector
Warehouse Pallet Racking Upright Front and Side Protectors

Post Protectors

Rack protectors are an essential safety device to protect your pallet rack from damage.  Rack protectors come in a variety of different designs. The most common post protectors are constructed from steel and are approximately twelve to eighteen inches high. These serve to deflect forklift impacts.

Newer designs utilize a flexible polyethylene construction that behaves similar to a car’s bumper, crumpling upon impact. The unit cost of these plastic column protectors is generally lower than their steel counterparts.

Manufacturers of rack protectors include:

Handle-It Inc.
Yellow Jacket Rack Protectors

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