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Five Benefits of Mezzanines

Pre-engineered steel mezzanines are free-standing second story installations that can be quickly and easily placed inside of a warehouse or office space.

Increased Space

The addition of a mezzanine means more square footage in the same area as you had before. It effectively creates a second floor which can store product or be used as additional workstations. Installing a mezzanine can easily double the space inside your warehouse.

Cost Effective

When a business grows, space to store products or place employee workstations becomes scarce. Constructing a second floor through traditional construction or buying additional property can be costly and time-consuming. Pre-engineered mezzanines can be installed cheaply in comparison and give you the same benefits.

Time Efficient

New construction on your property could take months – not to mention the disruption to the workers that would happen during construction. Buying additional commercial property could take months to years, and that’s if you can find property that fits your needs. In comparison, mezzanines can be designed, manufactured and installed in under three months.


Since mezzanines are not permanent structures, they can easily be constructed, deconstructed, and rearranged to fit any needs that your facility requires. Mezzanines are also modular, additional space can easily be added whenever necessary.


A cluttered shop floor can be detrimental to productivity and increase stress of your team. Second or third-floor mezzanines frequently find use as additional storage or parts rooms. When space is doubled, it becomes easy to keep your parts and products organized. A neat workspace is essential to keeping associates happy and productive.


Mezzanines are simple, cheap, and effective ways to add additional space to any business. These platforms can be used for a variety of purposes and can be changed and customized to fit the needs of your growing business. For any company struggling with space, a mezzanine is a must have addition to your workspace.

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