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Customer Case Study


Caribbean Moonshine recently opened their brand new 3,000 square foot craft distillery, tasting room, bar, and tropics-inspired retail store at a popular local shopping mall. However, just as construction was nearing completion, they received word from regulators that their bottling and storage area would need to be fully enclosed for security purposes. 

The team at Caribbean Moonshine briefly considered constructing a traditional storage room, but due to the facility’s unique architecture and time constraints, this approach wasn’t feasible.

Faced with this challenge, the Caribbean Moonshine team turned to us for assistance. 

The Challenge

Caribbean Moonshine’s new location is relaxing getaway at one of Orlando’s most popular shopping malls where visitors can sample award winning spirits, shop for gifts, and get an up-close look at the bottling process. 
Situated under a large covered pavilion at the mall’s main entrance, the large open-air space creates an inviting atmosphere. This distinctive architectural design allows it to take advantage of Florida’s subtropical climate and abundant natural light which lends itself to the Caribbean theme.
While this design enhances the overall guest experience, it also presented a significant challenge during construction. 
Just days before their planned opening the Caribbean Moonshine team was informed by local regulators that their bottling & storage area would require its own roof for security purposes. Since it relies on the same fire suppression system as the pavilion, a conventional solid ceiling or roof wasn’t a feasible option, as it would obstruct the flow of water from the sprinkler system in the event of a fire.

The Solution

Caribbean Moonshine reached out to us seeking a solution that would meet their unique set of criteria.

As a proud distributor of Husky Rack & Wire products, our team had the perfect solution: a wire cage room. These versatile enclosures are highly secure, can be installed in a matter of days, and their mesh construction would not impede the fire suppression system.

Husky Rack & Wire mesh ceiling allows shared fire suppression system to function as required

With the solution agreed upon, our team moved quickly to plan & install Caribbean Moonshine’s new wire cage room, helping to ensure compliance with regulations and an on-time opening.

“This cage material…allows us to completely seal off the bottling & rectifying area protecting all the alcohol and activities that occur in here while also allowing the sprinklers and alarm systems that are above us in the pavilion to still be able to function and meet the county requirements. It’s a perfect material for meeting everyone’s needs.” said Mike Weber, Caribbean Moonshine’s Co-Founder.

“[The Mid Florida Material Handling team] were amazing…you were a great value and you got on it quick and made the job happen fast.”

Check out our project gallery and full interview with Mike Weber below.

We wish the Caribbean Moonshine team continued success in their new location.
To learn more about them, visit caribbeanmoonshine.com

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