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Project Spotlight

Wire Mesh Cage Room at Large Warehouse
Project Specs

Facility Size

380,000 sq.ft.

Equipment Types

Wire Cage Rooms
Wire Cage Partitions Heavy Duty Guardrails


Foodservice Packaging

Imperial Dade’s new state-of-the-art 380,000 square foot logistics hub recently opened in Orlando, Florida. 

One of the most impressive features of this new facility are its large windows that allow natural light to enter the space which contributes to employee morale and energy efficiency. However, while these windows offer numerous benefits, they also posed a unique challenge for the management team: forklifts and other warehouse equipment could not operate near them due to inherent safety risks.

This meant that a significant portion of valuable floorspace, which could have otherwise been utilized for storage or production areas, became unusable. 

Additionally, the Imperial Dade management team needed a solution to secure and shield a series of electrical panels positioned between active loading docks.

Leveraging our expertise and partnerships, our team crafted a comprehensive plan that involved the strategic installation of three different warehouse safety products that act as a unified solution: safety guardrails, wire mesh partitions and wire cagesThese products not only addressed the Imperial Dade team’s safety concerns but also unlocked the full potential of the space.

Material Handling
Wire Mesh Partition at Warehouse
Heavy duty guardrails by Handle-It Inc., with Husky Rack & Wire mesh partitions create a safety barrier between material handling equipment and the exterior windows of Imperial Dade’s brand new 380,000 sq. ft. logistics hub. This allows natural light to enter the space while providing the necessary protection for employees, equipment and inventory.
Safety Guardrail - Material Handling Equipment

Safety guardrails can withstand up to 10,000 lb. impact at 4mph making them suitable for areas where full-sized forklifts and other material handling equipment such as pallet stackers and order pickers operate on a daily basis.

Wire mesh cage room inside modern warehouse

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