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Pallet Rack Repair

Mac Rak is one of our partnered suppliers for pallet rack repair kits as well as a variety of column protection options. Repairs can be made to reinforce the rack back to its original strength or guarding can be added to give added protection from the harshest manufacturing environments. Replacing an entire damaged upright can be disruptive to operations and very costly. On the other hand, rack repair can be done quickly without impacting typical warehouse operations.

The history of Mac Rak begins in 1999 when Shawn MacDonald started work on designing and patenting the ELITE single frame leg repair kits available in vertical, cantilever and slant leg. This design was customizable with over 30 different punch styles and utilizes structural steel components for a heavy duty repair. The single frame repair design paved the way for a later design that can repair both front and rear uprights in the same repair kit.

Things to look out for when assessing whether your pallet rack
needs to be repaired are:

1. Severe Corrosion

2. Strut Damage

3.Upright Damage

4.Fastener/Punch Hole Damage

5. Frames out of Plumb

6. Footplate Damage

Damaged pallet rack must be removed from service and unloaded until the rack can be repaired or replaced in the areas that are damaged. Repairing the damaged pallet rack with Mac Rak is the superior option to get the frames of your warehouse back in working order.

At Mid Florida Material Handling we can handle install of a Mac Rak product at your location. You can trust our 10+ years of experience to ensure your next project is completed in a timely, safe, and budget-conscious nature.

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Mac Rak Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Standard Duty
FRONTLINE rack repair can offer an original specification frame post repair and INTERMEDIATE rack repair can repair the middle to upper portion of a frame with added impact protection.
Heavy Duty
ADVANTAGE rack repair systems come in PROTRUDING, NON-PROTRUDING, and INTERNALLY REINFORCED configurations for impact resistance better than the original condition.
Super Heavy DUty
VERTICAL, CANTILEVER, and SLANT ELITE rack repair systems are available in single and double leg configurations. This is the most heavy duty repair option for your pallet rack system.
Bottom 12" Repair
BULLDOG from Mac Rak is a dual purpose repair to the bottom 12" of the front column and a high impact outrigger protector. Available in non-protruding and protruding versions.

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