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Lift Pallets With Ease

Pallet jack trucks are an essential material handling tool and can be found in warehouses across the world. Essentially – pallet jacks are the simplest form of a forklift. They consist of two forks, three to four wheels, a handle and a simple hydraulic system that can “jack” up the forks to lift a pallet. They are often used where forklifts would either be unsafe to other operators (for example, production areas) or where a forklift wouldn’t fit.

Pallet jacks come in two varieties: manual and powered. Manual pallet jacks must be manually actuated to lift the pallet by pumping the handle, whereas powered version are motorized.

Some of the benefits of pallet jack trucks include:

  • More affordable than a forklift
  • Simple to operate
  • Safer than using a forklift in populated areas
  • Fits in places a forklift may not

Mid Florida Material Handling has a large inventory of pallet jack trucks, both manual and powered.  Contact us so we can find the pallet truck that fits your needs!

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